Lemon water

I like to start my day with a glass of lemon water. Not just for the energising taste of it, lemon water is a really healthy option to start your day with! Let’s start with the recipe. It’s really simple. I use half a lemon (organic) and squeeze the juice out of it. Then I add lukewarm water. Done!

Why warm water?

You may wonder why I use lukewarm water instead of refreshing, ice cold water? Well, it takes our bodies a lot more energy to process the cold water as it needs to be heated up for our digestion. So instead of cold water, I use lukewarm water, that is easier and faster for my body to use.

Balancing pH levels

In the western diet we tend do eat lots of acidic foods which is bad for our pH balance. Drinking a glass of lemon water in the morning helps prepare our bodies for the day and the foods we eat. Lemons are effective in alkalising food for our digestion and they also help alkalise our blood. And that is a good thing.


We are what we eat. Ever heard of that? I used to be dependent on my morning coffee but have since found out I can live without it. I do enjoy a good cup of coffee or espresso every now and then but in the mornings I find that I feel so much better starting the day with refreshing lemon juice. The scent of lemon is energising and it can enhance your mood. Just knowing that you’re offering your body something good and healthy is enough to enhance your mood!


Lemon water will help kickstart your digestion in the morning. It helps cleanse the bowel and stimulates the release of gastric juices. It can also help relieve digestion issues such as heartburn, nausea and bloating.

Cleanses your lymph

According to John Douillard among others, lemon water will also help cleanse your lymph. This is great for disease prevention and better health.

Lemon water © Björn Fagerholm | Gurmee.net


Make sure to brush your teeth before drinking the lemon water! Lemon will soften your teeth enamel temporarily so you don’t want to go brushing your teeth right when they’re really vulnerable. Also, most toothpastes will provide protection for your teeth so it’s a good idea to brush first, then drink.

Also, please use the real stuff, that is: lemons. The lemon juice you find in cans in the stores is not the same thing and doesn’t taste anywhere near the same as when you use (organic) real lemons and squeeze the juice just before drinking the water. You have no idea how long the canned lemon juice has been in the jar before you bought it. It will not have nearly as many nutrients left and as I mentioned, the taste is not the same. With just 4 lemons you’ll get through a whole week! I store the other half of the lemon in a zip-lock in the fridge.

I am a fan of using everything and leaving no waste behind. Well, as far as it’s possible anyhow. As I mentioned, I use organic lemons which I wash before I make my lemon water. I then take a simple peeler to peel off the skin and leave it to dry on a small plate. When the skin is completely dry, I crush it in a small jar. This makes lovely lemon seasoning for e.g. fish.

Article image by Björn Fagerholm

Read more about lemon water’s health benefits – there are tons!:




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